Biographical data: Stano Černý

1956 born at the 10. May in Bratislava
1975 – 1981 study at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bratislava, department of
graphics and book illustrations, Prof. Albín 
1992 staying at the Island Ginack in Senegal-Gambia (West Africa)
1998, 1999 study staying in v Cité Inernational des Arts in Paris (France)
1990 Symposium E 90, Schrattenberg (Austria)
2003 Symposium Patince. (Slovak republic)
2004 Symposium “Big Format”. Valtice (Czech republic)
2004 Symposium of painters. Saint Gothard (Hungary)
2004 Symposium of painters. Mosonmagyarovár (Hungary)
2004 Festival Moffen /Music on Film – Film on Music/. Lucerna, Praha. Film “Rasta
Never Dies – Only Sleeps, art director
He is engaged in painting, drawing, graphic, computer and film animation. He lives and creates in Bratislava.

Solo exhibitions (selection)

1990 Music and Pictures. Klarisky Church, Bratislava (Slovak Republic)
1990 Drawings, Paintings. B&M Gallery, Bratislava (Slovak Republic)
1991 Gallery Gang. Delft (Netherlands)
1993 Gallery Putti. Groningen (Netherlands)
1993 Drawings, paintings, objects. GMB – Mirbach palace, Bratislava (Slovak
1994 Gallery Nova. Bratislava (Slovak Republic)
1995 Drawings, paintings. B&M Gallery, Bratislava (Slovak Republic)
1996 Gallery Nova. Bratislava (Slovak Republic)
1997 Archetype and bestiaries. GMB – Mirbach palace, Bratislava (Slovak Republic)
1997 Archetype a bestiaries. SGBB, Banská Bystrica (Slovak Republic)
1997 Archetype a bestiaries. Gallery of P. M. Bohúň, Liptovský Mikuláš (Slovak
1997 Painting. Cite Internationale des Arts, Paris (France)
1999 Bestiaries – painting, drawing, objects. Gallery Michalský dvor, Bratislava
(Slovak Republic)
1998 “Post-modern”. State Gallery Banská Bystrica (Slovak Republic)
2002 Jazyk-Tyzyk 20.02 hour 20.02day 2002 year: cosmic symmetry – objects,
paintings and computer animation. Pálffy 
         palace, Bratislava (Slovak republic)
2004 Ycony. Gallery SLSP, Bratislava (Slovak Republic)

Group exhibitions (selection)

1988 Budapest (Hungary)
1988 IV. Internationale Trienale der Zeichnung. Kunsthalle Norimberk (Germany)
1988 Espozicione Internazionale d’Arte, La Biennale di Venezia, Czechoslovak
pavilion – graphic art. Venetia (Italy)
1988 Contemporary Paintings in Tschechoslovakia. Paris (France)
1988 Graphic. Bourges (France)
1990 Art Basel (Schweitz)
1990 Barcelona (Spain)
1990 Symposium E 90, Schrattenberg (Austria)
1991 Painting. Tega Trident Gallery, Milan (Italy) – together with D.Brunovský
1993 Zeitzeichnen. CEK Galerie, Karlsruhe (Germany)
1993 Bestiary. Leeds (Great Britain)
1993 Arnheim (Netherlands)
1994 Works on Paper. The University of Arizona, Museum of Art Tuscon (USA)
1996 Jeunus createurs Slovaques. Le Pont Neuf, París (France)
1998 Coherencess – A Selection of Contemporary Slovak Art. Atrium Gallery,
London (Great Britain)
2000 Paintings, pictures, objects. Roma (Italy)
2000 Paintings, pictures, objects. San Marino (Italy)
2004 Paintings. Espace Van Gogh, Arles (France)

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