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      The civil association Artotéka was established in 2001. The aim of this association is the support and presentation of Slovak fine art in Slovakia and in foreign countries by laying stress on the graphics and book illustrations. The association designed besides classical exhibitions also organizing the seminars, lectures and workshops intent above all on contemporary graphic arts. There was elaborated simultaneously with the exhibition hall the project of the virtual gallery for the presentation of the exhibitions on internet what enables mediation of individual exhibitions to the all professional community and also to the people who are interested in contemporary Slovak graphic arts and book illustrations in Slovakia and foreign countries.

      The association rented from the City Library at the, Kapucínska Street in Bratislava the space in 2002. There was placed the gallery with the same name, but their activities were limited for the reason of shortage of financial means from 1998. The civil association has revitalised this space and organised here more than 20 exhibitions of famous Slovak graphic artists, exhibition of international graphic art, presentations of new books and musical concerts.

      Artotéka has prepared for 2002 year the cycle of exhibitions dedicated to one of most significant Slovak graphic artist of the second half of the 20th century - Albín Brunovský, named "The School of Albín Brunovský".

      The first was the exhibition Albín Brunovský & Book Illustration that had a great acceptance in the public and in mass media as well. Then followed the exhibitions of his students: "Peter Kľúčik: Golden Key", "Igor Piačka: New Old Idols", "Karol Felix: Pocket Pictures", "Peter Uchnár: Without Name". There was an exhibition in November - Month of the Photography - under the name "Digital Olympus", where were presented the creations of Slovak famous photographers and also young generation of photographers as Lucia Nimcová, Andrej Bán, Ľubo Špirko and others. In the Artotéka Gallery was realized some presentations of new books, for example: "To Die In San Francisco" by Dezider Castiglione, "Problems of the History of Slovak Fine Arts" by a team of scientists under Jan Bakoš, concerts of students of the music conservatoire, besides the exhibitions.                

      The civil association Artotéka continued in the presentation of the cycle of exhibitions of Slovak graphics artists: ”The School of Albín Brunovský” in 2003. There were presented graphic artists with theirs exhibitions: Crazy World of Dušan Polakovič”, ”Marián Komáček”, ”Róbert Brun: Illustrations”, ”Peter Augustovič: Graphics”. We published also the book: M. Vančo et al. ”Graphic Artist, Inspiration, Muse and Life. Albín Brunovský and his Shool” in this year. This is the publication with 90 colour pictures and Slovak-English text. The director of the Artotéka cooperated with the Slovak Institute in Warsaw (Poland) and was a custodian of the exhibition “Albín Brunovský and His Friends” in Warsaw and Torun. We continued with the concerts and presentations of new books in 2003.

      It was a first international exhibition in Artotéka in May 2004 – because of coming Slovakia into the Europe Union. The name of the exhibition was East & West. Classical European Graphics 1970 – 2004. But it was the exhibition of Igor Benca WaveBeing before it – in March ´04. He is a significant graphic artist and the dean of the Academy of Fine Arts in Banská Bystrica too. Than it was be the exhibition of Vladimír Gažovič: Metamorphoses in the autumn. In October we realized the charitable exhibition of the pictures from the children and youth with mental affect with the cooperation with the House of social services for the children and youth Kampino. In the November and December we have presented photographs of Gabriel Kozmály: Expressions. We also continued with the presentations of the books and concerts.

      We begin with the exhibition of Emil Sedlák: Maldoror´s Songs and Naughty Ear the year 2005. There are mostly pastels inspired by the book of Lautréamont: Maldoror´s Songs. There are exhibited graphic works of Emil Sedlák too. The next very successful was the exhibition of Slovak very important graphic artist Karol Ondreička: Equinox. Then followed the exhibition of young artist, who studied under Dušan Kállay, Miroslav Knap: Pantagruelistic Chronicle. The exhibition of Júlia Piačková and Igor Piačka: Tiger and Rat was connected with the presentation of the book of poetry, which was illustrated by booth artists. The next was the exhibition of Svätopluk Mikyta: Home is Home and the last one in 2005 was the second charitable exhibition of the pictures from the children and youth with mental affect with the cooperation with the House of social services for the children and youth Kampino.

      The civil association Artotéka replaced its exhibition space to the new address at the Panenská street No.13 in 2006. We will continue with the exhibitions and the first exhibition will be the exhibition of Albín Brunovský illustrations.

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